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Music and Movement

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/14/17 3:41 PM / by Patricia Guth posted in play, music movement, Learning, development

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Most children seem to enjoy the sound of music. They often ask to hear their favorite songs again and again, usually not caring how their voices, or the voice of the adult sounds while singing it. Movement seems to follow naturally with music.
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The Latest on Screen Time

[fa icon="calendar'] 12/12/16 9:03 AM / by Patricia Guth posted in Learning

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From Exchange Everyday December 8, 2016

Never explain. Your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway.
-Elbert Hubbard in The Note Book

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Grammy Tammy’s tips for keeping your child learning all summer long

It’s summer time and the living is easy! But that’s why most children tend to fall behind in their schooling for the upcoming year. This “summer slide” refers to the way children can forget what they have learned during the previous school year over their summer break. We’re not just talking about the little things like knowing their state’s capital or how to write their name, but more important skills such as math and reading. For preschoolers, especially, these are the skills they need to keep building for the following school year.



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