On June 29th, the many centers associated with Child Care of Southwest Florida participated in International Mud Day! This fun and amazing day creates an environment for early learners to arrive prepared in messy clothes and begin and end their days by playing in the mud any way they wish.

Early learners created art with different colors of mud.



They also painted faces, and even decorated the clothes of their teachers.



Some centers created a slide with water and mud that the children could enjoy.


International Mud Day is celebrated across the world as a day of play where children are told not to worry about making their clothes messy, and are encouraged to explore and experiment. It was started in 2009 by two officials in a World Forum event in Australia, Gillian McAuliffe of Australia and Bishnu Bhatta of Nepal. McAuliffe and Bhatta wished to create an event that fostered community and partnership through the commonality of playing in mud. Since 2009, International Mud Day has blossomed into a day primarily centered on children and the many positives of mud play including the exposure to bacteria to build healthy immune systems, the positive effects of minerals found in mud on the skin, sensory play and exercise, fostering friendship and collaboration through unstructured play, and just plain fun!


Child Care of Southwest Florida hopes you can join us for International Mud Day next year!

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Claudia Auger

Written by Claudia Auger

A volunteer for Child Care of Southwest Florida

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