Creative expression activities for your child

Education doesn’t have to be constrained by traditional learning. Activities promoting creative expression are a great way to expand your child’s curiosity and cultivate their imagination. Encouraging children to communicate through movement, visuals and through sounds and words is an essential developmental tool that can make learning FUN for your child. The following activities are an interactive and entertaining way for children to learn and express themselves:

1. Dancing

Encourage them to show off their best dance moves! Any form of movement is a great way for children to express themselves.

2. Drawing

Children tend to draw to share what they are feeling and thinking. Make a creative space, have art stations and provide paper and markers and encourage them to create their very own masterpiece.

3. Building

Provide materials such as a cardboard box and leave it up to your child to decide what it will become. Ask them, is it a house, a spaceship, maybe even a cave? Allow your child’s imagination to run wild and assist in any activities that help their vision come to life.

4. Crafting

Allow your child to explore a variety of art materials however they want, including paint, paper, cardboard, popsicle sticks and more. This form of creativity allows children to come up with a story, discover different mediums and how they work together.

For more on creative expression activities, check out the following lists from HiMama Blog:

Creative Expression Activities for Preschoolers

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