Transportation has been a natural interest of little minds for years. Children are enjoying learning about cars, trains, boats, planes, trucks, and other forms of transportation now more than ever. Here are a few transportation activities to captivate little minds:


Red Light, Green Light:

Begin by creating green, yellow and red cards to serve as traffic signals. The game begins by the children walking around then start to alternate the colors in random order. When the green card is held up, children must walk faster (without running). Yellow means children should walk slowly, and red light children must come to a complete stop and stay still.


Map It Out:

Print off maps for children to draw on with markers, crayons, or color pencils. By providing paper, encourage them to draw their own maps of their journey to school, making note of important landmarks along the way. Ask them to draw lines to show how they got from one place to another. They can also draw the form of transportation they took (car, bus, etc.).

What Am I?

Play recordings of various transportation sounds. Have children try to guess which means of transportation makes that noise. Show pictures of the vehicles to reinforce the correct associations, then discuss which specific methods each used to get to school.

Ramp It Up

Using blocks, show children how they can make their own ramps for toy vehicles. The vehicles can roll down the ramps, or travel upward, too so children can see how far they go on each ramp. Ask preschoolers why a certain vehicle might go further on one ramp than another. Challenge them to make cars go faster or slower by building different ramps!




For more information, check out 7 Transportation Activities for Preschoolers by Savannah Copland. 

Source: Hi Mama

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