The old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” However, we Floridians know that the real rain starts in May and can last through October! Southwest Florida may be going through a bit of a drought at the moment, but rainy season is almost upon us. While playing outside can be little tricky on a rainy day, Spring weather provides the perfect opportunity to keep our kids engaged and curious about their surroundings and everyday experiences. 

Here are some quick and easy activities to take advantage of the rainy days ahead:

  • Teach your children about perception by creating rain gauges. Use a clear plastic bottle to make a simple rain gauge. With careful calculations, it can actually take pretty accurate readings.
  • Later on when the rain stops, let kids get their feet wet in the puddles. They’ll love splashing around!
  • Windy days are ideal for both kite flying and wind sock making. 

For more inspiration on how to make use of wet weather, check out these 10 Rainy Day Activities.


Source: Community Playthings

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