Teaching manners to young children

With all the responsibilities you juggle on a daily basis, it can be hard to invest time in teaching your child to be polite outside of the standard “please” and “thank you.” But did you know that good manners are often the first step in teaching your child right from wrong?

According to Pam Myers, BSEd, “Mastering manners teaches responsibility, sensitivity, respect, and maturity, and stacks the odds in favor of your child growing into a well-adjusted and viable citizen in their community and the world beyond.”

Myers encourages parents to avoid the embarrassment of their child displaying bad manners in public and lay the foundation for good behavior by teaching them the following simple manners:

  1. Always greet someone when they enter or leave a room (“hello,” “goodbye,” “have a nice day”)
  2. Answer the telephone with a proper hello and their name
  3. Practice selflessness (showing consideration for others, holding the door, etc.)
  4. Wait for their turn to speak instead of interrupting

For more tips on teaching manners for young children, check out the article Manners to Teach Your Kids.

Source: Child Development Institute

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