Scientific studies have shown that nearly all of the neurons in the brain are developed by age five. This is the primary reason why early learning has such a big impact on a child's future; by the time a five-year-old attends Kindergarten, their brain is nearly fully-developed. Unfortunately for many families, a quality early education is simply out of their financial reach. That’s why Child Care of Southwest Florida has a scholarship program in place for you to be able to help these children get the outstanding education they would otherwise miss out on.

Scholarship Contributions will:

Make a Child More Likely to Attend College

Studies have shown that if a child receives early education, they are much more likely to finish high school and attend college. Education is the gift of a lifetime! The effects of attending college are obvious: a higher paying job, a higher standard of living and the probability of being all around happier. All of this stems from receiving a quality education before kindergarten.

Ensure a Child’s Brain Develops Normally

A child who receives appropriate cognitive development early in life greatly reduces the odds of requiring special education later in life. The effectiveness of stellar early education in building a child’s brain is powerfully supported by decades of rigorous research and developmental science. These studies have found that children who attend quality early learning programs arrive at elementary school not just academically prepared, but socially and emotionally ready as well.

Keep a Child From Making Lifelong Mistakes

Helping a young child’s brain develop to their greatest potential and setting them on the right path to college has fantastic societal outcomes. A child who does not miss out on their window for early education is less likely to become a teen parent and less likely to be arrested for a violent crime. We can all agree, helping someone avoid a life of poverty and crime is best for everyone. And since only parents who are working or going to school full time are eligible to receive these scholarships, these children will see their parents making an effort to help themselves and follow their example.

These contributions are in dire need, and any amount will help. It is actually very affordable and will make a huge impact:

  • One day of child care $30
  • One week of child care $150
  • One month of child care $650
  • One full year of child care $7,500

By donating to our scholarship program, you will be helping build the future of a young child, a family and bolster the human capital resources within our community. The return on your investment is enormous.  This holiday season please help our local Southwest Florida children and families by donating to the Gift of Education scholarship program!  

 Click Here to Give the Gift of Education Today!



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Beth Lobdell

Written by Beth Lobdell

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