All parents want the best for their children. While there is no magic potion or formula that guarantees that their child will have a better life, research shows that early childhood education programs lead to success in school, the workplace, and beyond. Unfortunately, financial struggles can cause some parents to start considering whether or not preschool is really “worth it.”

In their article The Sooner the Better: Early Childhood Education, A Key to Life-Long Success, Thomas Ehrlich and Ernestine Fu explain how high-quality early childhood education programs provide long-term benefits that far outweigh the costs.

 “It may seem surprising, but the experiences of children in their early years have disproportionately large impacts relative to experiences during their school years and beyond,” say Ehrlich and Fu. “If children lag in those early years, chances are that they will never catch up…the good news is that high-quality programs focused on early childhood years can have powerful long-term impacts for all racial and economic groups across the country.”

 Despite the clear evidence supporting the benefits that early childhood education programs offer, many parents still worry about whether or not they can afford it.

In her article The Building Blocks of Success, Sara Mead details how clearing up common misconceptions about state Pre-K programs can lead to better outcomes for kids. Once such misconception is that parents must pay out of pocket for preschool, while in fact there are affordable alternatives such as the VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) program.

VPK is a free prekindergarten program for 4 and 5-year-olds that reside in Florida. Many schools offer high-quality VPK programs with qualified teachers right here in Southwest Florida (click here for more information on high-quality learning centers near you).

Overall, early education programs such as VPK have positive, lasting impacts on children at little to no cost. Rest assured, parents: preschool is definitely “worth it!”



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