197Although money cannot solve all problems, a dollar goes a long way. Donating to our centers can provide food, activities, materials, and modern changes to our child care locations, making them a better experience for everyone who attends. You wouldn't just be directly impacting the minds of future adults who will go on to do great things, you'll also be making a difference for a family. Child care can be the matter of losing or keeping employment, a home, or other opportunities that have the power to keep families in a cycle of poverty or help them climb out.

Reliable child care empowers parents to become self-sufficient, productive members of their communities, benefiting their children and the entire community. Here at Child Care of Southwest Florida we are committed to this mission. To achieve this, we rely on generous donations from members of our community, businesses, and foundations that truly wish to contribute to the lives of children in need and their families.

To understand the impact we're making every day, take a tour of one of our facilities. You'll see how we're making it possible for working parents and families to have a place where their child will receive 3 nutritious meals a day and a play-based education that will instill lifelong skills and learning.

Leave a legacy

Was education important to one of your friends or family members? Are you looking for a way to honor a living person you admire, or memorialize deceased loved ones? You can leave a legacy through our Legacy Charity Donation Program that offers naming opportunities. Donations may be pledged over a few years or left through a loved one's will. Developing effective early education programs is a long-term commitment that requires help. The lasting impact it can make will affect families and your community far into the future.

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