We believe early education is the foundation for a strong sense of community. The success of each child’s experiences and learning is dependent upon the relationship between staff, family, and children.

Giving your child the highest quality early childhood education and care is the best gift you can give them. Our center is Nationally Accredited through NAC going above and beyond Florida DCF standards with low student to teacher ratio, individual learning plans and educated teachers and staff.

Through a Creative Curriculum Approach and a play-based environment, our students participate in project work that is hands-on and allows them to explore topics and questions based on their interests and familiar knowledge. Learning and Play are not separate. Children develop a sense of curiosity and desire to learn through this method of teaching.

The Community Children's Center is home to the Reggio-Emilia inspired Art Studio where the children have the opportunity to explore different artistic mediums and excel using their crchild care LeHigh Acreseativity. Children use different materials to represent concepts that they are learning about in a hands-on way.  We are dedicated to providing a stimulating education in a safe and nurturing environment that fosters our children’s growth for a lifetime of learning.

Our Approach to Learning

  • Children learn using a Creative Curriculum 
  • Nutritious eating and meal preparation is a top priority
  • A play-based environment is where our children thrive
  • Low staff-to-student ratio
  • We are a Platinum Level Asthma-Friendly Child Care Center.
  • Read more about our unique approach to learning

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  • Child Care Lehigh Acres
    When playing with blocks children learn about problem solving and science concepts such as gravity, weight and classification.
  • Child Care Southwest Florida
    Choosing an author to study forges a deeper attachment to books, making reading more personal and fulfilling.
  • Child Care Lehigh
    Teachers choose software that is developmentally appropriate and which supports learning outcomes identified in the curriculum.
  • preschool in Lehigh
    Cooking also allows opportunities for making predictions and language development as children discuss observations.
  • early learning SWFL
    Physical development allows for children to practice balance, strength and coordination skills.
  • Child Care center Lehigh
    Using hands-on measuring tools can help develop math concepts.
    Through art, creativity develops from the process rather than concern for the finished product.
  • Child Care
    Open-ended activities such as sand play, allow children to make choices about how they explore and interact.
  • Lehigh child care
    Structured physical activity leads to healthy habits that can continue into adulthood.
  • Child Care Southwest Florida
    Cutting helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • preschool SWFL
    Linking and snapping together plastic manipulatives helps develop the fine motor skills that children will need to be successful when holding and writing with pencils and markers.
  • Child Care in Lehigh
    By the time babies reach their first birthday they will have learned all the sounds needed to speak their first language. The more they are read to, the more words children will be exposed to, furthering their language development.
  • Lehigh VPK
    Cooking experiences require the use of such skills as measuring, fractions and one to one correspondence.
  • daycare in Lehigh
    These counting bears allow children to actively explore math concepts.
  • preschool in Lehigh
    Writing centers allow children to work and contribute to a print-rich environment.
  • VPK in Lehigh
    Children grow physically as they use gross motor skills to move large items and fine motor skills to work with smaller items such as food boxes, dolls, clothes and hats.
  • VPK enrollment Lehigh
    Students are encouraged to experiment with a wide variety of art mediums, which encourages creativity and builds self-confidence.
  • day care centers Lehigh
    Children are involved in science education through hands-on active explorations.
  • child care centers in Lehigh Acres
    Pasting different shapes strengthens not only their fine motor skills but also their knowledge of different shapes.
  • Child Care in Southwest Florida

    Practicing fine motor skills are essential for performing everyday tasks; a child’s self-esteem can suffer if not practiced.

  • Community Children's Center in lehigh Acres
    Floor play allows children to work on their gross motor skills. Pulling oneself up is an important step in development.
  • Community Children's center
    Tunnel play encourages gross motor and imaginative play.
  • preschool in Lehigh acres
    Dramatic play allows children to role-play and practice what they have seen in how adults interact.


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