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Little girls reads book for preschoolers
Students at Early learning center work with animal shapes
Photogenic children at P.A. Geraci Child Development Center
Infant care for children 6 weeks old and up
Open playground in 33916
Drawing pictures at day care
Book area for quiet reading
Indoor play areas for toddler care
Children at child care enjoy playground
Pre-school art projects
Girl plays a game of telephone
Girl at one of the best preschools in Fort Myers learns to draw
Children enjoying a playground at Fort Myers child care center
Boy and girl compare dinosaurs at daycare
Boy rides tricycle on playground at P.A. Geraci Child Development Center
Toys at 1 of CCSWFL's preschools in Ft Myers
preschool teacher interacts with student
Boy at childcare makes a train of cars
Boy paints on paper on easel
children interact in dramatic play area
Teacher reads to kids at daycare center
child at early learning center practices typing
Boy builds block tower at VPK
Nutritious Snacks and play time
Students playing in kitchen
Chin up bars
Girl swings on playground
Voluntary Pre Kindergarten students on playground table
Covered playground area

Welcome to P.A. Geraci Child Development Center

Do you need infant care for your baby? Searching for high quality child care in the Dunbar area (33916)? Still looking for the best preschools in Fort Myers, FL?

Many of our students' parents were in the same position as you are now. You may be wondering:

  • What day care centers near me will take care of my infant?
  • Will my child receive meals or will I have to provide them?
  • How can I tell which centers are high quality and which ones aren't?
  • How am I going to afford the cost of an early learning center?

We have the Best Preschools in Fort Myers, FL

Child Care of Southwest Florida is well known for running the best early learning programs in SWFL. As one of our three centers in Fort Myers, what sets P. A. Geraci Child Development Center apart from Messina Children's Center and Children's Learning Center at FSW is that we offer infant care for babies as young as six weeks old. This is especially valuable to single parents who must attend school or work full time and who cannot wait until their child is 1 year old to place them in daycare. In addition, all teachers at this center are safe sleep certified and trained to work with children who have asthma.

What constitutes a high-quality child care center?

A high quality child care center is based on many factors.

  1. Our school is NAC accredited and therefore we are required to keep lower staff-to-student ratios than the DCF mandated ratios for child care. This means that your child will get more one-on-one time with his/her teacher.
  2. Your child will be placed in the competent hands of our highly trained teachers and staff.
  3. We maintain a playful atmosphere where children are encouraged to learn real life skills rather than sit at a desk pushing a pencil. Learn more about the Creative Curriculum.
  4. An outstanding Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program is offered at our school. Your child can attend for free and if you require wrap-around care, we can provide it. This program prepares them for elementary education.
  5. Not only do we teach your child about healthy eating habits but (s)he will also receive nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day.
  6.  We provide after school care for children up to eight years old.

Reviews of our early learning center

“Excellent choice for your infant or child. You can feel safe knowing your child is in the best hands with the best skilled teachers and a great learning environment, you can depend on. My grandson attended Geraci and I feel he learned quite a bit for a toddler 3-4 year old transitioning that prepped him for the next level. Don't just take my word for it. Give them a try. I believe you will be as much satisfied as my daughter and I was.” ~Shanne H

“They really have a way with children. This place offers a good life direction for children of all ages.” ~Kimberlee R-W.

We are dedicated to providing a high quality educational program while also ensuring a safe, nurturing, supportive place for your child to grow and learn. We believe it's our job to empower your child by providing opportunities for him or her to develop, refine, and expand knowledge, skills, language, and social competence on a daily basis. Our open courtyard style setting creates a warm, inviting atmosphere where you and your child will feel welcome as a part of our community.

Day care details

P.A. Geraci Child Development Center
3713 Canal Street
Fort Myers, FL 33916

Ages: 6 weeks – 8 years

Hours: 6:30am - 6:00pm

Director and Contact Information:
Lateasha Green
Phone: (239) 337-4995
Fax: (239) 425-0541

Would you like a tour of the facility?

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