"My daughter attends school at Messina. This program has helped so much and in many ways. She is learning so much and she loves going to school there and she loves all of the staff. So thank you so much for being so caring for people who don't have much and need the help."

Melissa Cail

"I am fortunate to have such a wonderful place for my children to spend their time while I have to be at work. Nothing can be more comforting for a working parent, than to know that their children are being well cared for by people who have the same values, hopes, and dreams for their children as they do."


"I'd like to praise you for having such a blessed staff in the Lehigh Acres day care. I have been to three other day cares and not one of them can amount to your professional yet 'sweet as can be' staff!! Believe me when I say these women truly care about each and every one of their students. They are truly an amazing team of women. I'm so thankful to have found people I can trust with my children.

Mandy Payne

"My son is two years old and currently a student at Messina. The scholarship we received was such a blessing and I would recommend the school to any parent. The staff is wonderful and I really appreciate what they have offered us."

Denise Adams

 "Thank you for having such a great program for people like me."

Danette Wright