Child Care Centers / Day Care Centers

Our Child Care Centers are accredited through NAC (National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs), are comprised of a highly trained staff, and follow a Creative Curriculum, that includes a nutritious meal.

Some of our centers offer Voluntary PreKindergarten Program and/or Head Start Program (Clewiston location only).  Contact the Child Care Centers / Day Care Centers for more information about each centers program:

What makes our child care centers high quality?

When shopping around for a high-quality early learning center, be sure to keep these factors in mind.

National accreditation commission accredited

Do they have a high staff to student ratio?
Each of our centers is an NAC accredited preschool and as such, must abide by stricter standards than those set forth by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). This lower staff-to-student ratio equates to your child's teacher spending more quality time with him or her! Here are the differences:

Staff-to-Student Ratios
For infants < 1 year1 to 3-4      1 to 4
For 1 year old children     1 to 4-5      1 to 6
For 2 year old children      1 to 5-6      1 to 11
For 3 year old children     1 to 8-9      1 to 15
For 4 year old children     1 to 10-12     1 to 20

Make sure you ask other prospective child care centers if they're accredited and what their staff-to-student ratios are to ensure maximum involvement with your child.

Do they offer a play based environment?
Through much research, we've found conclusive evidence that children learn best while they're at play. For prime examples of how we help our students learn without sitting them at a desk and testing them, check out our ideas for preschool activities, classroom experiments, and crafts for preschoolers. All of these activities tie into the Creative Curriculum.

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