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Developing Young Minds

Children are the future of this world. Their minds are easily molded right after they are born. It's fun to watch their brains absorb their surroundings at a rapid and stunning pace. If you are a parent or are involved in the life of a child, you have the unique power to rocket them forward on their path of becoming the best person they can be. Take a tour of one of our child care centers in Southwest Florida to discover how our children are learning through a project approach. 
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Supporting the Family

Every child deserves to have an equal and fair start. We understand and support this belief. We have passionate teachers and staff who make it their life's work to use the interests of the children and a play-based Creative Curriculum to instill a love of learning within them. We are not just a day care or a babysitting service, we provide educational child care that will set your child on a healthy path to become a successful and compassionate adult. Here at Child Care of Southwest Florida we offer financial plans and aid for families in need of child care.
Best Child Care in Lee County


"My daughter attends school at Messina. This program has helped so much and in many ways. She is learning so much and she loves all of the staff. So thank you so much for being so caring for people who don't have much and need the help.

Melissa Cail Joseph H. Messina Children's Center Parent

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Strengthening the Community

If you are not looking for child care, but are interested in making a beneficial impact in your community, you can do so at Child Care of Southwest Florida. We graciously accept donations, volunteers, and sponsorships to help continue our mission. With your involvement we are able to continue to make a positive impact in the lives of those children and families we serve. We also offer child care training classes and competency exams for teachers or students looking to further or complete their education, and become involved in child care.
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Securing the Future

When searching for a place to care for your child, a top priority is putting them in the best hands possible. Your children should feel safe, comfortable, and thrive to their fullest potential in an early learning environment. Knowing they're in good hands is only step one. Step two is knowing your child is getting high-quality early childhood education. 
"I'd like to praise you for having such a blessed staff in the Lehigh Acres day care. I have been to three other day cares and not one of them can amount to your professional yet 'sweet as can be' staff!! Believe me when I say these women truly care about each and every one of their students. They are truly an amazing team of women. I'm so thankful to have found people I can trust with my children. 

Mandy Payne Lehigh Acres Parent

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