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Dates to Remember

Apr 13th: Easter celebration.

Apr 14th: Good Friday. Center closed. 


Parent Reminders

Check child’s cubbies to make sure they have extra clothes and diapers/wipes

Please sign your child in/out every day in both Procare and classroom books

Remember fees are due no later than Monday.


Jazmin — April 23
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Children's Garden of LaBelle News


Around the Center

We are continuing with our study of Spring with an investigation of colors and color mixing. 

Parents can support these activities at home by talking about the colors of things around them.  There is a color mixing game on PBS kids that you can use to see what mixing different colors together creates.  Allowing the children to actually mix paints and different colored things together to see what happens is always a fun hands on way for them to see how different colors are made.

This is the link to the color mixing game:

Easter Celebration

Egg Hunt.jpg

On April 13th, we will have our Annual Easter Celebration and Egg Hunt.

Room 1 and Room 3: 9:30am - 10:00am

Room 2 and Room 4: 10:00am - 10:30am

Celebrations will be after nap, around 2:30pm. We have sign-up sheets for each classroom that parents can sign up to bring in an item for the celebrations.

Parents are welcome to attend both activities this day. Bring your camera!


April 16th is Easter Day. dying eggs-605957-edited.jpgHere are some Easter Traditions for Families that you can start:

1. Plant an Easter Garden like this one. Tutorial
2. Record Your Family Dying Eggs.
3. Bake Easter Goodies. Here are some ideas
4. Make Easter Baskets with Your Kids.
5. Host an Easter Brunch.
6. Hunt Easter Eggs.
7. Watch Easter Movies like "Here Comes Peter Cottontail"
8. Create Easter Arts and Crafts.






- Apples
- Cream cheese
- Food coloring
- Sprinkles
- Apple corer or something to make the hole.



Step 1. Slice your apples about 3/4" thick. Use a knife, corer, or pastry tip to make a hole in the center. 
Step 2. Color you cream cheese if you'd like. We just added a drop of neon food coloring to get these bright colors. Add sprinkles. 

That's pretty much it! Enjoy this healthier "donut" for kids that makes a yummy and adorable snack. 

play gives children.jpg
"Everything we do improves the lives of children.”

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