We've teamed up with United Mechanical to launch "Helping Our Mini Engineers," or "HOME," to teach pre-schoolers about STEM fields.  Southwest Florida children will now get the chance to learn about mechanical, electrical and plumbing concepts and careers.The program has purchased a trailer to fill with exhibits and take to schools to offer students hands-on learning experiences. Covered topics included will be engineering, electricity and weather. We are excited to announce that the trailer will be delivered just before the holidays and we will be offering STEM tours to other centers and events.

Topics: Learning, children, development

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Grammy Tammy’s top 5 tips on helping your child after a traumatic event

Traumatic events and natural disasters have a significant impact on all of our lives but with a few easy steps you can be better prepared for these situations. We took some advice from Patrick Mularioni, M.D., at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital and Sandra Bailey, Ph.D. CFLE, Family & Human Development Specialist, on helping parents help their children overcome the stress, disruption and anxiety created from events such as hurricanes, loss of loved ones or car accidents.



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