Topics for Early Learners Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of CCSWFL’s Topics for Early Learners series! Below you will find some great suggestions for interactive exercises concerning music, geology, and literature.


Create your own musical instruments with empty jars and household items like paperclips, beads, popcorn kernels, etc. Ask:

  • Why do some things sound different than others?
  • Do the jars with more beads sound different than the ones with fewer beads?
  • What makes the sound?


Geology (Stratigraphy: Study of Earth’s layers)

After purchasing a ball with a white base at a dollar store, have your early learner draw the outside of the earth with markers. After they are finished, cut the ball in half and create a model of the earth’s core, outer core, mantle, and crust using markers. Either have your child help, or have them create a model on the other half. (I outlined the layers for Aaliya’h on this one.) Ask your early learner:

  • How many layers of earth are there?
  • What layer do people live on: the top, middle, or center?


Geology (Structural Geology)

Model the Earth’s formation of mountains by creating your very own plate tectonics! Use shaving cream/icing to create the Earth’s “mantle” on which graham cracker “plates” collide to create mountains.  Don’t forget to wet the graham crackers! Briefly liken the shaving cream/icing to what is under the Earth. Ask your early learner:

  • What happens to the graham crackers when they are pushed together? Why?
  • Why are some places on earth higher than others?


Literature (Reading/Storytelling)

This one takes a little preparation! Start with a simple idea or familiar story. Ask your early learner what would happen if a pivotal moment in the story went another way.

  • What if the third pig in “The Three Little Pigs” built his house out of mud instead of bricks?
  • What if Anna didn’t follow Elsa when she ran away in Frozen?
  • What if Joy and Sadness had never found Bing Bong in Inside Out?

Don’t be afraid to get creative with questions regarding topics. It’s never too early (or too late!) to introduce the seeds of logic and critical thinking into your early learner’s life.

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Claudia Auger

Written by Claudia Auger

A volunteer for Child Care of Southwest Florida

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