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Dates to Remember

Feb 2nd: Groundhog Day

Feb 10th: Lee County Schools CLOSED. No VPK. CENTER OPEN

Feb 14th: Valentine's Day

Feb 17th: Random Acts of Kindness Day

Feb 17th: Presidents Day. Center CLOSED for In-Service Training

Feb 22nd: International Stand Up to Bullying Day


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Joseph H. Messina Children's Center News


parent-teacher-conferenceTeachers are busy finishing up the Winter Checkpoint period for all students in our Early Childhood Education Program. Teachers will be putting out their conference calendar for you to sign up on. Conference with parents occur three times per year. At this time teachers will go over where your child is on the developmental spectrum and discuss the goals for the next period. Teachers and parents reinforcing the same skills at home and at school helps the child to reach the next level.  Conferences will be held between February 1st and February 15th.


Colton L2On January 14, 2020 Colton Leeders, 2 years old and a member of Mr. Travis’s STAR Classroom was tinkering around with the 4x4 Power Wheels ATV.  Upon trying to ride it, Colton observed that the ATV would not start.  Colton asked Mr. Travis, Why is it not working?”  Mr. Travis replied, “The ATV is broken.”

Colton went to the classroom tool bench and grabbed a couple of tools, and headed back to the ATV, and propped it up with 2 blocks, and began working.

Colton observed 3 plugs that were inside the ATV. He then began putting plugs together until one made the engine start!!! Colton put the plugs together and closed the hood up and began to drive. To everyone’s surprise the ATV started and it can be seen driving around school grounds.

roosters off to see the worldLITERACY WEEK

During the week of January 27-31, we celebrated, "Literacy Week". On Wednesday, January 29th, at 9 a.m. we hosted a simultaneous reading activity across the state of Florida. During this event we invited our local literacy buddies to come in and read “Rooster's Off to See the World.” Thank you to the parents who joined their children during this event.



Teach your kids the importance of kindness and put it in to practice with this Random Acts of Kindness Bingo Card!

Here is a fun Bingo card for you to play with your child and talk about ways to be kind to others. There are 25 acts of kindness included, and you can schedule them in over the course of the year!

Acts of Kindnesslarger view


Fruit Nachos



1 pear
1 apple
6-7 strawberries
1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/4 cup caramel
1/4 cup coconut flakes


Slice your apples and pear in thin halves.
Next chop your strawberries into small pieces.
Sprinkle onto the apple and pears.
Melt caramel and chocolate in separate bowls.
Place in a microwave safe bowl and heat in increments
of 30 seconds on a lower power level.
Stir and heat until melted.
Drizzle onto the fruit.
Sprinkle with coconut.


Lets Move Calendar.jpgThe "Get Moving Today Activity Calendar" developed by Head Start Body Start provides fun ways to help preschoolers be active. Check out the February Calendar. There is an activity you can do at home with your child every day of the month!

"Everything we do improves the lives of children.”

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