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from all of us at
Harlem Academy Child Care Center

 Dates to Remember

Jan 1st: New Year Day. Center closed

Jan 10th: Parent Meeting

Jan 21st: Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Center closed.


Kharter M. - Jan 9
Tanajia T. - Jan 10
Malcom H. - Jan 13
Tavarus H. - Jan 21
Dejayden G. - Jan 24
Kamarria G. - Jan 27
Rafael B. - Jan 28
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Harlem Academy Child Care Center News

parent meetingThursday, January 10th will be our parent meeting on “Parenting and Managing Children’s Behavior.” FDLRS will be presenting in Room 1 at 6:00pm. Drinks and snacks will be served and child care will be provided.  We value your participation and interest in our mission for children and families.


In January we will host an indoor yard sale with lots of goodies (donated by staff) for the families and community to purchase.  All gently used items will be sold and the proceeds will go towards our “End of the Year Celebration.” We are going to pursue this as a quarterly project to earn funds for the center.

bake-sale-cupcakesCUPCAKE SALE

Our cupcake sales in December was a success! Thanks to all who donated and we are so grateful! In January we will sell cupcakes once again for our student that was in Room 7. He is continuing to take radiation treatments in Fort Myers and we would like to help the family with expenses.  So watch out for our cupcake sale flyer!


1. Get unpluggedfamily
2. Eat together as a family
3. Get outside and play!
4. Read together
5. Do chores
6. Be KIND to others
7. Get more sleep
8. Recycle
9. Learn something new
10. Have a family game night!


Lets Move Calendar.jpgThe "Get Moving Today Activity Calendar" developed by Head Start Body Start provides fun ways to help preschoolers be active. Check out the January Calendar. There is an activity you can do at home with your child every day of the month!


small groups.jpg

There are plenty of good reasons to send your child to preschool. Not only does preschool prepare children for kindergarten, but it’s also an opportunity to help promote social and emotional development. The preschool classroom environment is structured to help children make new friends, learn how to play and build relationships with others. One way preschool teachers do this is by organizing small group activities.

Small group activities are fun and engaging learning activities that feature a small number of children, as opposed to an activity that features the whole class or free play. By separating the children into small groups featuring interesting materials, teachers are able to encourage social interaction and create an inclusive environment.

Other benefits of small group activities include:

Helps developmental growth
Teaches cooperation
Encourages interaction
Builds observational skills


pretzel rod

Easy Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods


1 (16 ounce) bag of pretzel rods
16 ounces chopped milk, semisweet, dark or white chocolate or candy melts
Sprinkles, mini M&M's, coconut, toffee bits, chopped nuts, etc.



Melt the chocolate by filling clean, tall heat safe jars with chopped chocolate or candy melts.  Set them into the crock pot and carefully fill the crock pot with hot water until it's about halfway up the sides of the jars, being careful not to get any water into the jars with the chocolate at any time. 

Set the crock pot temperature to high and let the chocolate sit for about 30 minutes without covering. Use a long handled spoon to stir the chocolate as it melts.

Once the chocolate is melted, turn the temperature on the crock pot down to low or warm.

Dip pretzel rods into the melted chocolate, shaking off any excess chocolate before transferring them to a parchment lined baking sheet.  Sprinkle with whatever toppings you desire before the chocolate has a chance to set, then let the chocolate fully harden before storing in an airtight container.

"Everything we do improves the lives of children.”  

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