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Dates to Remember

Jun 13th: Family Night

Jun 14th: Flag Day

Jun 18th: Father's Day

Jun 21st: First Day of Summer

Jun 23rd: Center will be CLOSED for our In-Service Training.


Parent Reminders

PA Geraci will NO longer accept CASH payments. Please pay with credit card, debit card or money order.


Family First Program

Zahira Buchanan, our Family First Program Specialist, can help you with job searches, housing, educational resources, workshops, government applications such as food stamps or Medicaid and much, much more!
Zahira Buchanan
Cell: 239-822-3394

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P.A. Geraci Child Development Center News



Focus on Four.jpgOur "Focus on Four" Initiative begins June 5th. Our 4 year old children will receive 5 hours of FREE Early Education 4 days per week from 8:00am to 1:00pm Monday - Thursday during the Summer after the State of Florida Free VPK Program ends in May.



Summer Camp Start Date: June 5, 2017. Calendars for the summer camp will be available upon request.

Parents Please Check Classroom for Water Day Schedule.

family fun night.jpgFAMILY NIGHT

Family and Friends are invited to our Family Night on June 13th at 5:30pm. Food and refreshments will be provided by the center.

Please ask your teacher for more details.


Friday, June 16th Happy Father’s Day! All dads please stop by the Friday morning before Father’s Day. We will have "Breakfast with Dad". Thank you dads for all you do!   



Name Song

Preschool and kindergarten children learn how to spell names and states with this song by Margaret T.

Materials: Children's names that are five letters and states with 4 or 5 letters to the tune of "Bingo".

shutterstock_143622727.jpgExample for Names
There is a child that I know best
And Noah is his name oh,
N O A H, N O A H, N O A H
And Noah is his name oh.
Example for States
There is a state that I know best
And Texas is its name oh,
T E X A S, T E X A S, T E X A S,
And Texas is its name oh.



This smoothie is for the pineapple lover in all of us.

A double blast of pineapple chunks and pineapple juice, tempered with the sweetness of vanilla yogurt and a whole orange, make for a refreshingly delightful smoothie.


1 Navel Orange
8 oz. Frozen Pineapple
6 fl. oz. Pineapple Juice
5⅓ oz. Vanilla Yogurt


Blend the Smoothie

Place all ingredients and 2 cups ice in a blender.

Blend until smooth, 3-5 minutes.


Make sure your kids have plenty of books. Take your kids to the library or the bookstore to pick out some interesting new books. Go to yard sales, and sort through the books there. Organize a book swap in your neighborhood. Do whatever you need to do to keep a fresh supply of books around.
Always pack up books, magazines or newspapers whenever you go somewhere, for your kids and for yourself. Make sure your kids see you reading, whether it's on the beach, while waiting for the softball game to start, or at home.reading a book.jpg
Try to keep some time available for reading. This is perhaps the hardest thing, as schedules fill up with sports, cookouts, trips and movies. These are all fun, too. But there's no substitute for the occasional afternoon spent under a tree exploring far-off worlds through books.
Encourage social reading. If your child wants to read a book because other kids are reading it, by all means get a copy. This reinforces the idea that reading is cool, and gives your child a chance to talk about the book with others. Take the kids to see a movie based on a book, and also read the book. Do whatever you can to make reading cool and social.

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