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Dates to Remember

Jun 4th: Focus on Four begins

Jun 12th: Making Popsicles

Jun 13th: Water Day

Jun 18th: Flag Day

Jun 18th: Donuts for Dad

Jun 21st: First Day of Summer

Jun 22nd: Ice Cream Party

Jun 27th: Water Day



Marley R. - Jun 2
Jayden D. Jun 3
Isabel C. - Jun 21
Jaycee S. - Jun 25
Mikaela R. - Jun 25
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Children's Garden of LaBelle News


never leavePlease be sure to never leave your kids unattended in a car.

In an effort to reduce the number of child deaths in Florida from children being forgotten in hot cars, we will now be calling to check on each child if they are not at school. To help us with this effort, if your child is sick or you have a planned absence please give us a call and let us know that your child will be absent. Check the flyer



We had a field trip to Mrs. Judy’s house where the VPK class enjoyed circle time, fed goats, and had a picnic.  Thank you so much Mrs. Judy for welcoming us into your home, we had so much fun!


donuts for dadJune 18th Donuts for Dad

Calling all Dad’s and male figures filling in the gaps for absent dads. This day will be all about you! Please stop by for a quick bite before you head out for the day.

Thank you dads for all you do!


Water Day Wednesdays will be scheduled on June 13th and June 27th (weather permitted).  Please remember to bring your child’s bathing suit and/or change of clothes & a beach towel. Remember to label ALL items!



We will be offering a 4 year old extension program starting June 4th-July 27th.

We are excited that 7 children will be “continuing” their VPK experiences and be able to practice their developmental skills for kindergarten during the summer months. 

Ms. Yadira will be teaching the class.



Make sure your kids have plenty of books. Take your kids to the library or the bookstore to pick out some interesting new books. Go to yard sales, and sort through the books there. Organize a book swap in your neighborhood. Do whatever you need to do to keep a fresh supply of books around.

Always pack up books, magazines or newspapers whenever you go somewhere, for your kids and for yourself. Make sure your kids see you reading, whether it's on the beach, while waiting for the softball game to start, or at home.

Try to keep some time available for reading. This is perhaps the hardest thing, as schedules fill up with sports, cookouts, trips and movies. These are all fun, too. But there's no substitute for the occasional afternoon spent under a tree exploring far-off worlds through books.

Encourage social reading. If your child wants to read a book because other kids are reading it, by all means get a copy. This reinforces the idea that reading is cool, and gives your child a chance to talk about the book with others. Take the kids to see a movie based on a book, and also read the book. Do whatever you can to make reading cool and social.


tornadoChild Care of Southwest Florida follows the Hendry County School Board Bad Weather Closing Schedule.  Please tune into your local weather station.  If school is called off or closes early the center will follow suit.  Please be prepared for alternative care in the event of bad weather closures.


Congratulations to Dayvin and Randy on moving up to the BIG One Year Old Room!



Painted Toast

Eat the Rainbow while creating this healthy and colorful snack!


1. Fill 5 shallow glasses with a 1/4 cup of milk in each.

2. Take your 5 food colorings and in each glass put 5 drops of food coloring in the milk and stir till color shows.

3. Use a small paint brush and dip the brush into the food coloring.

4. Then take a piece of bread and paint a face or picture of choice on it.

5. Place the bread into a toaster and wait till the bread is lightly toasted.

6. Butter lightly to give taste.

"Everything we do improves the lives of children.”  

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