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Dates to Remember

June 4-July 27: Focus on Four

June 14: Flag Day

June 17: Father's Day

June 29: Mud Day


Parent Reminders

Bad Weather: Child Care of Southwest Florida follows the Hendry County School Board Bad Weather Closing Schedule.  Please tune into your local weather station.  If school is called off or closes early the center will follow suit.  Please be prepared for alternative care in the event of bad weather closures.
Arlonnie Jones - Jun 10 (Room #8)
Bella Hunter - Jun 20 (Room #20A)
Ms. Brisa Hernandez - Jun 30

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Harlem Academy Child Care Center News



harlem graduation 2018

End of the year Celebration/Graduation- Our graduate celebration took place Wednesday, May 30 at 9:30am at the pavilion.  We want to thank ALL the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, significant others, siblings and anyone else that showed up to help “send” our VPKers to kindergarten.  We are extremely proud of all our graduates. We will miss them greatly!

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fun day 2018FUN DAY

Fun Days/Water Days for our 3 and 4 year-olds will be scheduled on Fridays throughout the summer (weather permitted).  Please remember to bring your child’s bathing suit and/or change of clothes & a beach towel. Remember to label ALL items!

garden tomatoes


Before leaving for the Summer, the children from Room 9 took vegetables home on May 30th to share with their families. They took tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, and spinach.



May 7th to 11th was teacher appreciation week, and to celebrate our dedicated teachers, we had “Appreciation Day” for all the staff. Each member of our staff had a special day in May, and all the staff gave that person some kind words, a hug, a flower or bought lunch to make that day special.



We will be offering a 4 year old extension program starting June 4th-July 27th.

Twelve children are signed up for the summer program, Focus on Four.  We are excited that these children will be “continuing” their VPK experiences and be able to practice their developmental skills for kindergarten during the summer months. Did you know 80% of our students last year, in Focus on Four actually showed improvement in phonetic, math and written skills?  Ms. Queen Moore will be our teacher.  For more information on the program please visit



Make sure your kids have plenty of books. Take your kids to the library or the bookstore to pick out some interesting new books. Go to yard sales, and sort through the books there. Organize a book swap in your neighborhood. Do whatever you need to do to keep a fresh supply of books around.

Always pack up books, magazines or newspapers whenever you go somewhere, for your kids and for yourself. Make sure your kids see you reading, whether it's on the beach, while waiting for the softball game to start, or at home.

Try to keep some time available for reading. This is perhaps the hardest thing, as schedules fill up with sports, cookouts, trips and movies. These are all fun, too. But there's no substitute for the occasional afternoon spent under a tree exploring far-off worlds through books.

Encourage social reading. If your child wants to read a book because other kids are reading it, by all means get a copy. This reinforces the idea that reading is cool, and gives your child a chance to talk about the book with others. Take the kids to see a movie based on a book, and also read the book. Do whatever you can to make reading cool and social.


Eat the Rainbow while creating this healthy and colorful snack!


1. Fill 5 shallow glasses with a 1/4 cup of milk in each.

2. Take your 5 food colorings and in each glass put 5 drops of food coloring in the milk and stir till color shows.

3. Use a small paint brush and dip the brush into the food coloring.

4. Then take a piece of bread and paint a face or picture of choice on it.

5. Place the bread into a toaster and wait till the bread is lightly toasted.

6. Butter lightly to give taste.

you-rockWe would like to give a BIG SHOUT OUT & THANK YOU to Israel Raya's mom Santos Susana Salmeron. She constantly attends to our monthly parent meetings, and volunteers the whole year. We love to see when our parents are involved in the activities that we provide for them!


On June 15th we will be celebrating  Father’s (Favorite Male) Day. The children are inviting a male (brother, cousin, grandpa, mom’s boyfriend, etc.) that’s in their lives to have breakfast or when they bring them to school they can pick up a breakfast bar and juice if they can’t stay.


"Everything we do improves the lives of children.”  

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