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Dates to Remember

June 1: VPK Celebration
June 4: Focus on Four begins
June 17: Father's Day
June 29: Mud Day

Hurricanes & Bad Weather

Hurricane season begins June 1st, and we want to be prepared. During the summer months if a hurricane is approaching, you need to listen to your radios for closings.  Remember that we are part of Child Care of Southwest Florida and the closings could be announced that way instead of The Children’s Learning Center at FSW.  If public schools are in session, we follow the lead of the Lee County Schools, and close when they close.  We will try our best to keep you informed.  As for re-opening, we check the facility for damages, etc., and then get permission from the college to re-open.  Martha’s business cell phone number is 239-292-3893, and you can call that number if information is needed about re-opening, etc.


The Children's Learning Center at FSW News



PREFERRED PK DECALThe Children’s Learning Center at FSW has achieved Preferred Pre-K Provider Status.  And what does this mean?  It means that the Lee County School system recognizes our child care center as a high quality educational program. We are rewarded with professional development, recognition as a Preferred PK provider, materials for our center and the opportunity for our graduating VPK students to visit a feeder school in our area.

VPK 2018-2019


Do you know someone who is looking for a VPK program for August?  We still have a few spaces left!  Any child who turns 4 on or before September 1st is eligible.  Spread the word!



Twenty children are signed up for the summer program, Focus on Four.  We are excited that these children will be “continuing” their VPK experiences and be able to practice their developmental skills for kindergarten during the summer months. 

Ms. Jenna will be teaching the class, along with Ms. Nicole (Yellow Room.)


travelSummer is a time when you will probably be taking weekend getaways or long family vacations.  Remember to let Ms. Andrea or Ms. Martha know when your child will NOT be at school.  This will make it easier for meal counts as well as keeping our ratios correct.  Teachers will be taking days off too, and we need to know when to call in extra staff.  (PLUS……..remember that it is now a DCF rule that we know if your child will be absent!!!!!!)

10367696_803161223093053_15685513866983932_n-516414-editedTIPS TO ENCOURAGING SUMMER READING

Make sure your kids have plenty of books. Take your kids to the library or the bookstore to pick out some interesting new books. Go to yard sales, and sort through the books there. Organize a book swap in your neighborhood. Do whatever you need to do to keep a fresh supply of books around.

Always pack up books, magazines or newspapers whenever you go somewhere, for your kids and for yourself. Make sure your kids see you reading, whether it's on the beach, while waiting for the softball game to start, or at home.

Try to keep some time available for reading. This is perhaps the hardest thing, as schedules fill up with sports, cookouts, trips and movies. These are all fun, too. But there's no substitute for the occasional afternoon spent under a tree exploring far-off worlds through books.

Encourage social reading. If your child wants to read a book because other kids are reading it, by all means get a copy. This reinforces the idea that reading is cool, and gives your child a chance to talk about the book with others. Take the kids to see a movie based on a book, and also read the book. Do whatever you can to make reading cool and social.


Blue Room: Ms. Miranda & Ms. Karina

Coral Room: Ms. Erin

Yellow Room: Ms. Nikki & Ms. Diane

Red Room: Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Cookie & Ms. Rita

Purple Room: Ms. Jessica & Ms. Julie

Teal Room: Ms. Jenna & Ms. Ally


Another great way to stay connected is our Facebook page.  If you have a personal Facebook page, find our page…….The Children’s Learning Center at FSW…… and LIKE it.  Now you will be able to see activities around the center or perhaps even your child.



Summer days can be really hot, and we want the children to be comfortable.  Sneakers are still the preferred choice of shoe attire because they are safer footwear for the playground.  Sandals are not comfortable because of the mulch and because children are not able to run and climb well. 

Flip-flops are NOT ALLOWED unless it is for a “special occasion” and a note has gone home to indicate that.



With the summer heat coming into full effect here in Florida, we want to make sure your children are protected. We ask that you apply sunscreen to your child before you bring them to school.  Thank you in advance!

"Everything we do improves the lives of children.”  

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