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happy-summerDates to Remember

May 31st - Aug 9th: Summer Program

June 5th: EMS visit

June 14th: Flag Day

June 16th: Father's Day

June 21st: First day of summer

June 29th: Mud Day

Aug 2nd: VPK Graduation at 9:30 am

 Parent Reminders

1. Please let the office staff know if you are not bringing your children in for the Summer.
2. Please bring in any shorts or pants your children have outgrown, as we would like extra clothing on campus for children who are soiled and have no extra clothes.
3. Please shut all gates securely for the safety of all the children.
4. Update your Emergency Information if any changes occur.
5. Bring in all Physical and Shot Records prior to expiration date.

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Joseph H. Messina Children's Center News




The lion classroom have been learning about our community service workers.  They are looking forward to a visit from the EMS.  Children will be touring the ambulance and learning some first Aid Skills.  We are excited to have the first responders on campus.


VPK Graduation is scheduled for August 2, 2019 at 9:30 AM.  Please join us in our celebration of your children’s accomplishments during this school year.

focus on four

Focus on Four, a continuation of VPK, to avoid the summer slide begins on June 10 and ends on August 2nd.  Extensive research supports that the summer is a vulnerable time for children leaving pre-school and entering kindergarten. School readiness skills can slide downward over the summer.  In fact, this phenomenon has been given the name "Summer Slide".  We are asking parents to be engaged with their children during the summer, assisting them with weekly homework and other fun activities parents and children can do together to enhance the skills needed in Kindergarten.  Parents will be asked to volunteer in the classroom and to support weekly “homework.”  We look forward to offering Focus on Four during the summer, reinforcing on all of the skills they will need, to be successful in Kindergarten.


Nancy Mathis, Advertising Specialist, with LeeTran has scheduled June 27th to speak to the VPK and School Age children about riding LeeTran.  In this hour long presentation Nancy will to talk to the children about the bus, where the bus goes, rules, etc.  Her presentation is very “kid” friendly and Nancy will bring a photo of the bus and bus stop sign.  She will also provide to the children a LeeTran discount ID card which would allow them to ride the bus for half price until they graduate high school.  There is no charge to process the ID.  A letter will be sent home to the parents to initiate receiving an ID for their child.  For parents who ride the bus with their children already this is a great opportunity for your children to ride for half the fee.



dad-pancakeMessina would like to extend a warm Father’s Day wish to all of our parents. Children will be making surprise Father’s Day Gifts on June 16th.


Hurricanes & Bad Weather

tornadoHurricane season begins June 1st, and we want to be prepared. During the summer months if a hurricane is approaching, you need to listen to your radios for closings.  Child Care of Southwest Florida follows the Lee County School Board Bad Weather Closing Schedule.  Please tune into your local weather station.  If school is called off or closes early the center will follow suit.  Please be prepared for alternative care in the event of bad weather closures.


The "Get Moving Today Activity Calendar" developed by Head Start Body Start provides fun ways to help preschoolers be active. Check out the June Calendar. There is an activity you can do at home with your child every day of the month!

family nutrition program


Peanut Butter, Strawberry and Banana Quesadillas

2 tortillas
1/2-1 banana
2-4 strawberries
1-2 tablespoons peanut butter.
1-2 tablespoons strawberry jam (or whatever flavor you prefer)
Over medium heat, preheat a skillet or pan that's large enough for your tortilla.
Spread the peanut butter on one side of a tortilla.
Spread jam on one side of another tortilla.
Make enough banana and strawberry slices to cover the bottom of one tortilla.
Place the other tortilla (jam or peanut butter side down) on top of the other tortilla.
Cook in the pan until the bottom is crisp. This will depend on your tortillas, but it took about 2-3 minutes for me.
Flip over and cook the other tortilla until crisp.
Serve immediately. Store any leftovers in the refrigerator.

"Everything we do improves the lives of children.”  

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