Parent Connection Newsletter March 2017.
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Dates to Remember

Mar 2nd: Dr. Seuss birthday.

Mar 6th - 10th: Green week.

Mar 9th: Potluck.

Mar 12th: Daylight Savings Time Begins. Turn your clock forward 1 hour.

Mar 17th: Saint Patrick's Day.

Mar 18th: Southwest Florida Reading Festival.

Mar 31st: Picture Day.


Parent Reminders

Family First Program: Zahira Buchanan, our Family First Program Specialist, can help you with job searches, housing, educational resources, workshops, government applications such as food stamps or Medicaid and much, much more!

Family First Program

Zahira Buchanan
Family First Resource Specialist at our center
Cell: 239-822-3394


“Everything we do improves the lives of children.”  

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P.A. Geraci Child Development Center News


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Thursday, March 2nd Join us as we celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Read across America 2017!

During this month we will enjoy reading various Dr. Seuss books and participating in extension activities. Your children will experience the joys of wonder, possibility, exploration and discovery found in his books.

Little-Known Facts about Dr. SeussGreen_Eggs_and_Ham.jpg

  • He wrote Green Eggs and Ham on a dare. Ted Geisel’s publisher bet that Geisel couldn’t write a book using only 50 different words. In an effort to make learning to read more exciting for kids, he wrote a silly tale about a picky eater (a common complaint of many parents) and a fellow who won’t take “No” for an answer. The result? Green Eggs and Ham.
  • He was not a doctor. He added the title “doctor” before Seuss (his mother’s maiden name) while in college to lend credibility to his writings and characters, and in reaction to his father’s wish that his son would get a doctorate.

smile.jpgGreen Week

We are having our Green Week Starting on March 6th, 2017. Everyone will  wear green from Monday thru Friday.


Potluck March 9.jpgFamily Potluck

Our Family Potluck will be offered on March 9th, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

Parents and staff, bring a covered dish and an empty stomach. We know that many of you are great cooks!

Make Four Season Trees!

season trees.jpg

Preschoolers love learning about the seasons and watching how the leave on trees change throughout the year.

This activity provides a hands-on way for your child to illustrate how trees look during each season of the year. After you're finished, you and your child will have learned about the four seasons, and you'll have four beautiful pieces of artwork to hang on the wall!

What You Need:

  • 4 toilet paper rolls (or 2 paper towel rolls cut in half)
  • Brown paint
  • 4 sheets of card stock or heavy cardboard
  • Construction paper in green, yellow, orange and red
  • Handful of popped popcorn
  • Brown yarn
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • 4 pieces of string or twine, about 8 inches long

Southwest Florida Reading Festival

reading festival.jpg

Bring your family to Centennial Park on Saturday, March 18!  There are books everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!  Many activities, for both adults and children, will be going on from 10am – 4pm, as well.  CCSWFL will have a table/booth so be sure to stop by and say “hi.”

For more information visit

What You Do:

1. Tape both ends of a piece of string or twine to the back of each piece of paper. Be sure to leave enough slack in the string so that you can hang the picture.

2. Have your child paint the toilet paper rolls brown.

3. Show your child how to glue a toilet paper roll to each of the four pieces of paper. Help your child write the name of a season on each piece of paper under the roll, or “trunk,” of each “tree.”

4. Go outside with your child and look at the trees in your yard or neighborhood. Talk about what season it is and have your child describe the colors of the leaves on the trees. Discuss any other things you see on the tree, such as flowers, berries or empty branches. Look for any animals that make their homes in the trees, such as birds or squirrels.

5. After your nature walk, give your child the piece of paper for the current season and show him how to decorate the trees to illustrate the seasons:

  • Winter: Show him how to glue the brown yarn onto the paper above the paper roll “trunk” to create bare branches.
  • Spring: Have him use light green construction paper to make leaves for the spring tree. Let him glue the popcorn on to make flowers.
  • Summer: Have him use dark green construction paper to make leaves for the spring tree. He can also draw fruit on the tree or glue colorful buttons or circular scraps of red or orange paper.
  • Fall: Use the yellow, orange and red construction paper to make autumn- colored leaves for the fall tree.
6. Hang the pictures up in your house so you can enjoy all of the seasons no matter the time of year.


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