Joseph H. Messina Center Kids Pitch Their Own Tent

When you think back on your memories of summer camp, what stands out the most? Forging friendships? Canoeing? S’mores by a bonfire? While planning activities for summer camp, Joseph H. Messina Center employees were inspired by their personal camp experiences and decided to help the children pitch their own tent.

“For this project, I went old school,” said Messina staff member Will Lower. “We were just going to put up a store-bought tent, but what fun would that be?”

Instead, the Messina staff opted to teach children how to be “engineers” and make a real tent from scratch by showing them how to use real tools, cutting down their own tent poles from bamboo and covering it with burlap. Just look at the amazing tent they made!


Joseph H. Messina Center Summer Camp


“We also had to do a lot of problem solving, using what we had just like back in the day,” said Will.

These kind of positive summer camp experiences help teach children important life lessons including teamwork, building relationships with others, decision making, and openness to trying new things. Great job, Messina Center!

Posted 6/1/17

Topics: Outdoor Activities, Play, Development, CCSWFL News