Child Care of Southwest Florida implements "Focus on Four" initiative

focus on four

The “Focus on Four” initiative started in June 2017 and the purpose of this program is to provide 4 hours of free early education to 4-year-old children during the summer months.

With the “Focus on Four” program, children received educationally rich content and experiences that helped better prepare them for kindergarten. Thirty-three of our students enrolled in this program experienced a 95% increase in their skill set! We were fortunate to receive $38,800 of funding from the David Lucas Foundation, James E. Huffer and Betty J. Huffer Foundation, Gannett Foundation, West Bay Club Charitable Foundation and Target. We are excited to announce that this year we are partnering with Florida Gulf Coast University academically and financially to expand the “Focus on Four” program.

Posted 11/8/17

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