How Dr. Seuss Can Help Your Early Reader

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Did you know that Read Across America week is celebrated in the month of March? This yearly reading initiative also includes the observance of Dr. Seuss’s birthday on March 2. Most of us grew up reading these wacky tales and have at least a few Dr. Seuss books in our own home for our little ones to read. Parents know how much fun these books are but many don’t realize how valuable they can be when teaching your child to read. So, what makes a Dr. Seuss book such a great choice for early readers?

  • Rhyme – We all love those wonderful rhymes that Dr. Seuss was such a master at creating. Did you know those simple rhyming texts are more than just entertaining? Before a child learns to read, they must understand that words are made up on different sounds and the combination of these sounds creates words. Hearing rhymes helps your little one develop an ear for words with similar sounds.

  • Fun and Wacky – We understand that sometimes it can be challenging to get your child interested in reading but Dr. Seuss books are a great choice because they are anything but boring. These wild and wacky tales capture your child’s imagination right away, helping them to stay entertained and engaged. Another perk of Dr. Seuss’s stories is their fun and colorful illustrations!

  • Sight Words – These are words that are commonly used or seen throughout the day. You’ve probably already practiced some of these words with your early reader during homework or reading time. Many of Dr. Seuss’s books contain quite a few sight words. The Cat in the Hat, for example, is full of common words that children need to readily recognize.

  • Nonsense Words – Dr. Seuss books are full of funny, nonsense words. These made-up words will make your little one giggle as well as aid in their reading development. Unlike sight words, nonsense words aren’t immediately recognizable and must be sounded out. This “sounding out” practice helps children learn how to put letters together to form words. 

If you have an early reader in your home, then these books are just what the doctor ordered. Not only are they wonderful reading tools but they are also great fun! So, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of your favorite Dr. Seuss book and enjoy a little wacky reading with your kiddo!

Posted 3/26/18

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