Is Teasing the Same as Bullying?

stop bullying hands blog headerEvery child deserves to go to school free of fear. However, bullying is an unfortunate reality of today’s world. While every good teacher strives to create a safe, accepting classroom environment, bullying can still happen anywhere at any time. Bullying is not limited by age, gender, or socioeconomic level: anyone can be a victim. 

Teasing is very common amongst young children. No matter how popular a child is or what kind of home they come from, everybody gets teased at some point in their life. It’s the frequency and manner in which the teasing occurs that can lead to bullying. Rumors, threats and insults all count as forms of verbal bullying. If the teasing becomes aggressive or hostile, or if the person doing the teasing has bad intentions and is using their words to cause harm, it is also considered bullying.

The way that adults deal with the situation and how parents coach their children react to teasing helps determine how the situation gets resolved. It’s important for adults to realize that bullying is not just a phase that children go through or a normal part of growing up, as it can be devastating in a child’s life and cause lasting harm. 

In some cases, teasing can be stopped before it gets out of hand, so we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips on preventing bullying. Read our latest post to find out how you can help stop bullying before it starts.

Posted 7/7/17

Topics: Children, Behavior, Development