Tips on Keeping your Child Safe During the Holidays

Holidays blog headerThe holiday season is a joyful and exciting time of year but it is also a time to be extra-cautious when out and about with your child. Between holiday shopping at the mall, crowded stores, airports and holiday parties, sometimes little ones can slip away. Not to worry, these preventative tips will help ensure your child’s health and safety this holiday season:

Talk to your kids before a family outing

Make it a rule that you must always be able to see them and they must always be able to see you. It’s as simple as that! Remind them of this rule periodically, especially when you think they are feeling adventurous.

Teach them what to do if they become separated from you

Encourage them to find a “safe stranger” for help. Some examples include a mom with children, a cash register clerk or police officer. You can always agree on a “meeting place” ahead of time in the event you do become separated from one another.

Use the “two giant steps” rule

Make sure your children are never more than two giant steps away from you. It’s a fun and easy way for your child to remember not to wander away.

Discuss age-appropriate safety issues

Have a conversation with them in a calm and non-fearful manner. Let your child know that it isn’t what people look like that make them unsafe, it is what they ask a child to do that makes them unsafe. Kids have been known to leave with or follow a stranger because “they seemed nice” or “didn’t look like a “stranger.”

Make sure your child knows your cell phone number and home address

If necessary, write it on a slip of paper and tuck it into their pocket. Create a fun way for them to remember the important information. This will help them recall it in any situation. 

Make this holiday season a fun, safe and memorable one with your family and little ones. Practicing these safety tips will ensure that the holidays will be happy and bright!

Posted 12/4/17


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