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What is your preschooler's major? Just kidding! With hundreds of majors out there for college students, it's more important than ever that we start exposing a variety of concepts to our early learners as soon as possible. By doing this we can help to develop early learners' creativity, curiosity, and enthusiasm for the world around them—and also get them started on the right track for college!

Organized by "major," this series will present a list of suggestions of easy, fun, and interactive/assisted activities for your early learner in the field of sciences, technology, humanities, and many more.

Note: The example photos below contain some choking hazard items. Be sure to alter activities with age appropriate materials if needed.

The Sciences Part 1


  • Play "Huff and Puff" by having your early learner collect objects of different sizes, weights and shapes. Place each object in front of a fan in turn, and have your child sort which objects move from the wind from those that do not.
  • Ask your child: Why did some objects move? Why didn't some objects move?


FYI, "Moves a lot" is a favorite --Try different fan speeds!

Engineering and Architecture

  • Make and name a pet rock (or use another toy or item), and build a house for it with blocks, tools, or household items.
  • This exercise introduces and enforces building skills and structural perception.


Atmospheric Science (Meteorology)

  • Over a period of a month, have your child draw and color (or paste images printed off the internet) the weather of the day.
  • This exercise improves descriptive vocabulary, weather, and time concepts.


Biology (Botany)

  • Pull out a weed from the garden and place it on a flat surface.
  • Ask your child a couple of the following questions:
  • Which part needs the ground to live?
  • Which part needs the sun?
  • Which is the longest part?
  • What is the shortest part?
  • What do plants eat?
  • Where does the water that plants eat come from?

botany weed

These are just some of the thousands of ways to introduce your early learner to new experiences and concepts. In her VPK classroom at CCSWFL, Miss Angela uses boxes of different sizes to introduce students to the engineering concepts of structure and sequencing. Students place smaller boxes into larger ones, and also work together to stack the boxes to make towers. It's fascinating to watch Ja'Lia, who is normally one of our quietest students, jump to action in a leadership role for the stacking part of the project. We can see her confidence grow every time there is a similar activity. Now she even delegates smaller tasks to her fellow students!

Do you have any college majors that you'd like us to cover? Let us know in the comments!

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Posted 10/14/15

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Claudia Auger

Written by Claudia Auger

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