What are Small Group Activities and Why are they Important?

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There are plenty of good reasons to send your child to preschool. Not only does preschool prepare children for kindergarten, but it’s also an opportunity to help promote social and emotional development. The preschool classroom environment is structured to help children make new friends, learn how to play and build relationships with others. One way preschool teachers do this is by organizing small group activities.

Small group activities are fun and engaging learning activities that feature a small number of children, as opposed to an activity that features the whole class or free play. By separating the children into small groups featuring interesting materials, teachers are able to encourage social interaction and create an inclusive environment.

Other benefits of small group activities include:

  • Helps developmental growth
  • Teaches cooperation
  • Encourages interaction
  • Builds observational skills

For more information, check out the article Why Preschool Small Group Activities are Important.

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Posted 6/12/17

Topics: First Day Of School, Learning, Children, Development, Activities