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Dates to Remember

Oct 9th: Columbus Day

Oct 31st: Halloween


Parent Reminders

1. Let us know if your child will be absent.
2. Check your child's files/cubbie daily.
3. Be sure to use the check-in computer to check your child IN and OUT of the center.
4. Read the signs posted on /by your child's classroom door for announcements.


Tuition Reminders

Child care fees are DUE every week.

**Tuition is not prorated for days missed including sick days, vacations, or other closed days (Holidays)**

For added convenience, we are able to store your credit card information in our secure banking system, and debit your account as an automatic payment every Monday, every Friday, Bi-weekly or Monthly. 

The Children's Learning Center at FSW News



We would like to thank everyone who supported us after the hurricane. Parents, teachers, neighbors, community leaders, etc. 

We also want to let you know that we are here for you and your family. We partner with the United Way and their 2-1-1 program that provides free information and referral to human/social service agencies within Lee, Hendry, Glades and Okeechobee Counties.


The children will be taking their annual Trick or Treating Adventure to the FSW campus. Staff at FSW will once again set up tables and distribute candy, stickers, etc. to the children. This will take place Tuesday, October 31, but a definite time has not been decided.  We will keep you informed as to the exact time, etc.

Your child can wear orange and black, some type of Halloween shirt or their Halloween costume to school (make sure that it is comfortable since he/she will be wearing it all day, or they can wear it over their regular clothes), etc. Hats and crazy socks are appropriate also. 

Happy Halloween FSW.jpg


Children should always go out trick or treating accompanied by a responsible adult. If you have a group of kids going, the parents should choose two or three of them to go along and keep an eye on things.
Instruct your children not to eat any treats until they bring them home to be examined by you. This way you can check for any problem candy and get the pick of the best stuff!
Instruct your child to never go into the home of a stranger or get into their car. Explain why this is not a good idea and what to do if someone approaches them and tries to talk to them.


This past month our community experienced a natural disaster, that created stress and fear in all of us. As we know, young children are most fearful when they don't understand what is happening around them. As parents, it is important to provide guidance and understanding that help restore a sense of security and well-being.

So, what can we do to help children who have experience a disaster or any other tragic event? 

  • Limit TV time: Intense media coverage of disasters can frighten young children and disturb teenagers.
  • Listen: Find out your child’s concerns about the situation. Children often cannot give meaning to a dangerous situation. Begin a dialogue to help them gain a basic understanding that’s appropriate for their age.
  • Comfort: Let them know their safety is your top priority.
  • Be Aware: Changes in routine behaviors, such as sleeping pattern or eating habits, can indicate distress. Seek professional support if they persist.
  • Expect the unexpected: As children develop, their intellectual, physical and emotional capacities change.
  • pg-toddler-sick-soothers-tlc-full.jpgMake time: Help kids understand they are safe and secure by talking, playing and engaging in bonding family activities.
  • Keep calm and carry on: Your child will learn how to deal with these events from you and will model his or her behavior after yours.
  • Care: Make a point of showing sensitivity toward other families impacted by the disaster. This is an opportunity to teach your children that we all need to help each other.
  • Routine: Help your children return to normal activities including school, sports and play groups.
  • Volunteer: Helping others can give your child a sense of control, security and empathy.




Another great way to stay connected is our Facebook page.  If you have a personal Facebook page, find our page…….The Children’s Learning Center at FSW…… and LIKE it. Now you will be able to see activities around the center or perhaps even your child.

Our Friendly Teachers

Blue Room: Ms. Miranda & Ms. Karina

Coral Room: Ms. Erin

Yellow Room: Ms. Nikki & Ms. Diane

Red Room: Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Cookie & Ms. Shelby

Purple Room: Ms. Jessica & Ms. Julie

Teal Room: Ms. Jenna & Ms. Ally

"Everything we do improves the lives of children.”

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