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 labor dayDates to Remember

Sep 3rd: Labor Day. Center CLOSED.

Sep 9th: Grandparents Day.

Sep 13th: Parent Meeting.

Sep 19th-20th: Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Manuel Ortiz - Sep 22
Armonei Scruggs - Sep 24
Keymonei Scruggs - Sep 24
Lekevious Spears - Sep 24
Trinity Martin - Sep 26
Ms. Hilda Ruiz - Sep 26
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Harlem Academy Child Care Center News




Harlem Academy will be doing Parent-Teacher Conferences on September 19th and September 20th.  The teachers will be conducting conferences in their classrooms with the parents.  They will be discussing the progress/concerns of the children, as well as things that need to be worked on.


September 3rd is Labor Day.  To celebrate this holiday, the students will be showing appreciation to the people that have jobs that impact their lives.  The children will create "Appreciation Cards".

labor day harlem


Head start.jpgThursday, September 13th The Policy Council Officers are being voted.  President, Vice-president, Secretary, And Treasurer (Head Start).

The Policy Council is responsible for the direction of the agency’s Head Start and Early Head Start programs.  This council shall be elected by the parents of children who are currently enrolled in the Head Start program of the Head Start agency, and shall be composed of parents of children who are currently enrolled in the Head Start program of the Head Start agency, and members at large of the community served by the Head Start agency, who may include parents of children who were formerly enrolled in the Head Start program of the agency.


Steps YOU can take to have powerful interactions with your child

Be present. Put aside all the tasks you need to do (laundry) and any feelings that may distract you (concerns about a work deadline).  Give your full attention to your child.

Connect. Observe what the child is doing (stacking blocks), listen as he talks to you (“I made a tower.”), and let him know you are interested in and focused on his play (“Great! It is very tall.”).

Extend learning. When the child shares with you, build on their interest and think of ways to make connections that will help him learn. Find questions to ask, comments to make, and activities to do together that show your interest and expand their thinking and learning (“I wonder how much higher the tower can go.” “Let’s count the number of blocks in your tower.”).


Through play children learn cognitive skills that include problem solving, remembering, decision making, processing information and learning language.  During play, children develop foundational understanding in math, science, social studies and physical and emotional concepts.  Below are different types of play that are important to understand how your child learns best.


Solitary play: A child plays alone (one child takes care of a doll by himself).

Parallel play: Children play side by side during an activity without interacting (two children stand next to each other at the water table but don’t talk or use materials together).


Cooperative play: Children plan, discuss and implement their play together (two or more children build a highway out of blocks).

Symbolic play: Children use one object to represent another object during play (a child holds a block up to her ear as a phone and starts talking).

Sociodramatic play: Children take on roles (a child crawls on the ground and barks, pretending to be the family dog).


On September 19th, we will be teaching the children about bus safety, pedestrian safety, the use of car seats and seat belts.

Safety Transportation 2015



Latonia Williams is now a part of our team.  She works in Room #2 with Ms. Carmen Galvan.  Harlem Academy would like to welcome her aboard!!


Here are some snack suggestions for September:

  • Scrambled eggs and sliced bell pepper wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla.
  • Whole-grain bagel topped with peanut butter and banana slices.
  • Egg-in-a-Hole (whole-grain toast with an egg cooked in the center).
  • Oatmeal with strawberries.

"Everything we do improves the lives of children.”  

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