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labor day

Dates to Remember

Sep 3rd: Labor Day. Center CLOSED

Sep 9th: Grandparents Day

Sep 10th: Rosh Hashanah. No VPK. Center open

Sep 11th: Patriot Day

Sep 20th: Picture Day for Blue, Purple and Teal Rooms

Sep 21st: Picture Day for Coral, Yellow and Red Rooms.


Parent Reminders

1. Let us know if your child will be absent.
2. Check your child's files/cubbie daily.
3. Be sure to use the check-in computer to check your child IN and OUT of the center.
4. Read the signs posted on /by your child's classroom door for announcements.

The Children's Learning Center at FSW News


baby clappingFAMILY PLAYTIME

Has the grown up world left you too tired to play? Consider these ideas that will let you connect with your child--------and unwind after a long day:

Show her what you liked to play when you were her age.  You could teach her a card game, a jump rope rhyme, or a magic trick, for instance.  Next ask her to teach you a game or activity that she likes.

Step into a role.  You might each pretend to be someone else (a cashier and a customer or a bird and a squirrel) while carrying on a conversation.  Encourage your child to think about what her character would sound like and what she would say.

At bedtime, shine a flashlight on the walls, ceiling and floor.  Have your child “chase” your beam with her own flashlight.  Then change roles.

Or, the best activity……… just go OUTSIDE and PLAY with your child.


share a book

Sharing books with young children can be one of the most pleasurable times of your day.  Holding a child in your lap while one or two others snuggle next to you gives the children and you a chance to relax, talk, look at illustrations, and share an intimate moment.

Books open up the world to children.  Through pictures and stories, children clarify ideas and feelings.  They hear about people who are just like them and people who are different.  They are introduced to new worlds, ideas, and places.

Books can sooth an upset child, make a child laugh, and excite a child’s imagination.


newyork life

We hosted our Open House for the new school year on Wednesday, August 22.  Thank you to the 27 families that attended.  We enjoyed meeting with the parents and answering any questions they might have had.

An addition to the Open House were representatives of New York Life.  Child Safety Kits were offered to families that attended.


physical_touchHow can you teach your little one to handle big emotions like anger, frustration, and disappointment?  Work on increasing his self-control with these strategies to help him think before he acts:

Talk it out.  Give your child the proper words to use.

Think ahead.  Prepare for situations where self-control comes in handy. 

Calm down.  When your child begins to get upset, help him find ways to keep his cool.  For instance, he might take a deep breath, count to 5, or draw a picture of how he is feeling.


Here are some snack suggestions for September:

  • Scrambled eggs and sliced bell pepper wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla.
  • Whole-grain bagel topped with peanut butter and banana slices.
  • egg-in-a-hole-1024x768Egg-in-a-Hole (whole-grain toast with an egg cooked in the center).
  • Oatmeal with strawberries.




Another great way to stay connected is our Facebook page.  If you have a personal Facebook page, find our page…….The Children’s Learning Center at FSW…… and LIKE it. Now you will be able to see activities around the center or perhaps even your child.


Help your child stay safe at school with these clothing tips.  Make sure she wears shoes that fit properly and either tie or have Velcro.  They’re less likely to cause accidents than floppy shoes like sandals or clogs.  Also, avoid baggy clothes and cords or strings on clothing that can get caught in playground equipment.


Blue Room: Ms. Miranda & Ms. Sandy

Coral Room: Ms. Rita

Yellow Room: Ms. Erin & Ms. Julie

Red Room: Ms. Stephanie & Ms. Cookie

Purple Room: Ms. Jessica & Ms. Tanzie

Teal Room: Ms. Jenna & Ms. Nikki

"Everything we do improves the lives of children.”

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